Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adam Shows Zodiac some love backstage @ Oprah!!

As everyone surely knows, Adam Lambert will be on Oprah on Jan 19th for an exclusive interview, as well as perform. In addition to that, Adam did a backstage Interview and when asked who inspired him, he said "As a performer and musician I did a show with a group of friends called The Zodiac Show". He continues to say, "The freedom of expression and the joy we all share influences me a lot" and "Even on American Idol, when choosing songs , they were songs I was made aware of and fell in love with because of The Zodiac Show". He continues with "that group of performers have always had my back."

That's right home skillet...we got your back and will continue with the back gettin'. Go Adam! Thanks for the Zodiac love and get your Oprah on!

Click to see Adam's interview backstage at Oprah.

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  1. "Home-Skillet"! OMG!! That's ADORABLE!!! ;-)