Tuesday, April 26, 2011

People are always asking "When's the next Zodiac Show?" Well..It's happening right in front of you. Just look to the stars!

This is an amazing week for The Zodiac Family! So much is happening!

Photo: Lee Cherry

Lets start with today:

Today is the drop date for the amazing Scarlett Cherry's album, Labor of Love! It is available everywhere. This album documents Scarlett's journey into first time Motherhood through radio friendly songs that will touch your heart..just in time for Mother's Day. In case you were wondering what to get your Mom..now you know. This album is co-Executive produced by Zodiac co-founder, Lee Cherry along with our friends Guy & Brad over at Media Temple Studios We also had Zodiac co-writers/ producers such as Ty Taylor and Alisan Porter and as well as Zodiac musicians such as Monte Pittman, Ameenah Kaplan, Greg Malone, Rick Barrio Dill, Jason Yang, Double G and Charlie Brumbly. visit www.laborofloveproject.com to watch the beautiful EPK and go to itunes to download the music.

and Tomorrow...

Photo: http://www.broadway.com/

Mza Superstar aka Allan Louis makes his Broadway debut by starring as Luthor Dixon in the new Broadway Musical, "Baby It's You" it opens tomorrow (4/27) night!

If you want to send him flowers, send them to:

The Broadhurst Theater
235 W 44th St
New York, NY 10036

Meanwhile...across the pond..

Photo: Lee Cherry

Ty Taylor and his band Vintage Trouble are taking the UK by storm right now!! From the UK rock AND r&b charts, to TV and the local pubs..if you're British, you can't escape Vintage Trouble right now!!
by their album here and see all of their shenanigans here:


Photo: Lee Cherry

Alisan Porter just completed her EP with her band The Canyons which is being managed and produced by American Idol's Randy Jackson. They are going to be the next huge thing! Real songs..real singing..real music! You can follow them on twitter here


Carmit Bachar has some MAJOR projects on the horizon that have yet to be be revealed but what we can reveal is her new music project "LadyStation" that she is doing with Sammy J.
You can follow them on twitter @iamcarmit & @sammyjaymusic

Photo by Lee Cherry

Adam Lambert is working on his 2nd album right now. His remix of Aftermath (co written by Alisan Porter) has become available on itunes. you can get it here. He also managed to surpass 1 million followers on twitter this week! Wanna follow him too?

Photo by: Ali Salehi

Leo Moctezuma also has new music premiering on Itunes. called Unconditional. You can download it here.

He also just shot his latest music video that was directed by Brian Friedman and Chán André aka Identity Unknown which leads us to..

Brian Friedman and Chán André have formed Identity unknown and they are planning a brand new talent search concept that is getting noticed by some big players! Auditions start today and Carmit Bachar will be on the panel.. Look out!! Learn more here

Photo by Lee Cherry

and lastly A great friend of all the zodiacers, Sutan Amrull, aka RAJA, just won Rupauls Drag Race, and has a single coming out May 3rd!! Get into it!!!

Photo: Traver Rains

The stars are definitely aligning for the Zodiac Family!