Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Zodiacer Ty Taylor performs at House Of Blues on Sunset Strip!

One of our favorite Zodiacers, Ty Taylor, is rediculously talented. He has a band called Ghost Hounds. His band is opening up for Aerosmith's Joe Perry on 11/24/09 at House Of Blues. Check out Ghost Hound's music and you can see Ty Taylor's most recent solo Zodiac performance below. He is also featured in Zodiac's Black Dog and Gabriel.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The AMA's. Zodiacers everywhere!

By Lee Cherry

So, yes...Adam's performance was the controversy of the night and everyone's talking about it. Opinions are being tossed around like a stripper at a bachelor party, but no matter what anyone says. Here's a fact...one year ago, almost to the day, we saw Adam perform one of his original songs at an underground club in downtown LA, just trying to get his music out and be seen. Now he's closing the AMA's, has a hit album dropping (created in collaboration with the best songwriters/producers in the world)...all while staying true to his artistic integrity. This has happened because of the moves he's made. He is an artist on a journey, holding nothing back. We applaud and support him, and love watching him evolve without apology right before our eyes!
In addition to Adam having several Zodiacers (Monte Pittman, Denna Thomsen, Nina Mcneely, Austin Westbay, Noel Bujandas) in his performance, there were also Zodiacers in Lady GaGa (Brian London, Asiel Hardison), Janet Jackson (Taja Riley), Alicia Keys (Sonny Walters, Flii Stylz) and Carrie Underwood (Michele Martinez).

Adam's debut album "For Your Entertainment" is available everywhere. Buy it today!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Carmit Bachar performs on Dancing With The Stars!

Q&A with Carmit Bachar
by Lee Cherry

1. Where did you just come back from and what did you do there? I just got back from Hong Kong where I performed for an Operation Smile event that raised over 1 million US$....I’m very proud :)
2. What are you working on right now? On Tuesday, 11/17 I’ll be on Dancing With The Stars. I’m dancing in a piece from the upcoming movie “Nine” directed by Rob Marshall. You can also check my recent performance from Pop Goes The World on Youtube or carmitbachar.net.

3. I hear you have new management..Tell us about it. I recently started working with Wendy Goldstein at Omerta Mananagemt. She has been one of the top A&R's in the industry for over a decade and a powerful woman. I'm excited to be making moves with her.
5. Will you be performing your new music the next Zodiac? I will absolutely be performing new music in the next Zodiac and looking forward to it!!

6. When's the next Zodiac and what are the plans for the brand? We're looking at early next year for another Zodiac spectacular!!! A lot of new exciting things are always in the works for Zodiac. There are so many pieces to the puzzle so we shall be ever evolving! 2010 promises to be amazing!!

7. You are always doing a million things. How do you keep up with yourself and coordinate it all? Honestly, I don't know how I do it myself?! Especially when I have the flu right smack in the middle of it all!! Somehow, I have it that it always works out....so it does! I'm a Virgo and we can be super focused in the chaos, as long as we take it one step at a time. I do work best under pressure tho;) Staying present keeps me motivated. I want the best, so if I give it my all there are no regrets and u gotta keep moving forward!!
8. Do you have anything you'd like to say to your young fans who know you from PCD and are looking to break into the dance/music industry? I'm inspired by how inspired the fans get from the music, dance moves and style! What I can tell the fans is to never be idle...then you are in your head about what it is you want to do instead of doing it!! Be creative, the more you engage in actually doing whatever it is you love, the better you get at it!! And I promise you wont be bored either;)
New Addition::: Here's Carmit's performance from DWTS:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carmit Bachar Performs at Avalon Hollywood on 11/11/09!

On 11.11.09 @ 8pm, Zodiac Co-Creator, Carmit Bachar is performing at Avalon Hollywood. She is supporting an event called "Pop Goes The World" hosted by Open Artists Movement.
Proceeds benefit Lifeworks, a project of the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, which mentors LGBT youth in the LA area. Carmit's single "Fierce" Is also available on the Open Artist Movement music compilation. Come and show support!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Zodiac's Musical Director Ameenah Kaplan Nominated for 2 Ovation Awards!

OG Zodiacer and Music Director, Ameenah Kaplan is not just the ridiculously talented Musical Director and Drummer of The Zodiac Show. She is also an accomplished actress and choreographer. Recently, she has been nominated for 2 LA Ovation Awards for her choreography in ALICE IN ONE HIT WONDERLAND 2: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS at the Troubadour Theater Company and ALTAR BOYZ at the Celebration Theatre. Click here to read LA Stage Blog's complete profile on Ameenah!

Skingraft Designs 2010 Spring Runway Show

Our pals over at Skingraft Designs recently posted a video of their 2010 Spring Collection Runway Show from LA's Fashion Week. They Provided some of the costuming for our last Zodiac Show, will be featured in our Metamorphosis Documentary, and we can't wait to work with them again in the future! Watch the video below and be sure to stop by their site!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment" now available on itunes!

Click here to download Adam's new single on iTunes!! His album is due out on 11/23/09 and we predict he's going to sell a gazillion copies! You can pre-order the full album at his official website. Go Adam!

Zodiacer Spotlight: Leo Moctezuma

Leo Moctezuma is a Virgo and an O.G. Zodiacer from way back. He has danced with the industry's top music artists. He's been in almost every Zodiac Show and it's where he got his feet wet with choreography for the first time. Leo is currently choreographer AND dancing in Pink's Funhouse Tour. You can see his performance on Pinks's Funhouse DVD. Leo is also a budding musician himself. Check out his myspace music page and follow him on Twitter. His song, "Love 2 Love" is featured on the LifeWorks/Open Artist with Open Arms movement compilation CD along side Carmit Bachar's song "Fierce". You can pre-order it on: http://openartistmovement.com/the-music/
Below is Leo's latest Zodiac performance. You can also see him in other Zodiac performances dancing with Alisan Porter here, and Dancing with Carmit Bachar here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

From Freedom To Zodiac: The Story Of The Zodiac Show

Check out this audio interview with Zodiac Co-Creators Lee Cherry and Carmit Bachar.

Alisan Porter's chart-topping album on CDBaby

By Alisan Porter's album on CD Baby if you haven't already.

In addition to Alisan's incredible debut, solo album (Cover art by Lee Cherry), Alisan also has co-written a song with Adam Lambert called "Aftermath" that will be on his Debut Album "For Your Entertainment".
Here's our new Teaser trailer. You can see the rest of our videos on our Youtube Channel.

The Zodiac Show Blog is here!

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