Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Zodiacer Spotlight: Leo Moctezuma

Leo Moctezuma is a Virgo and an O.G. Zodiacer from way back. He has danced with the industry's top music artists. He's been in almost every Zodiac Show and it's where he got his feet wet with choreography for the first time. Leo is currently choreographer AND dancing in Pink's Funhouse Tour. You can see his performance on Pinks's Funhouse DVD. Leo is also a budding musician himself. Check out his myspace music page and follow him on Twitter. His song, "Love 2 Love" is featured on the LifeWorks/Open Artist with Open Arms movement compilation CD along side Carmit Bachar's song "Fierce". You can pre-order it on:
Below is Leo's latest Zodiac performance. You can also see him in other Zodiac performances dancing with Alisan Porter here, and Dancing with Carmit Bachar here.

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