Friday, January 22, 2010

Zodiacers participate in benefit for Haiti 1/25/10 at King King's in Hollywood

Cochocoy & Reina Hidalgo in association with King Kings Night Club Presents:

"Coming Together For Haiti" Benefit

Hosted by Carmit Bachar and Sharon Ferguson

This coming Monday, Jan 25th at King King Hollywood to raise funds for Haiti. Come and be entertained by some of Hollywood's most respected performers including many Zodiacers such as Carmit Bachar, Scarlett Cherry, MZA Superstar, Jason Yang, Leo Moctezuma, and many others. There are also some fantastic raffles that are not to be believed such as photo shoots, private dance classes, and studio recording sessions. Come support the effort and contribute to our brothers and sisters in need.

Please stop by the Facebook Event page for more details.

All proceeds are being collected by Concern Worldwide who have been working with Haiti since 1994.

Please come and support a great and needed cause. Lets all do what we can to help our people of this world and spread Love and Unity to those affected by this traumatic event.

$10 minimum donation


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adam Shows Zodiac some love backstage @ Oprah!!

As everyone surely knows, Adam Lambert will be on Oprah on Jan 19th for an exclusive interview, as well as perform. In addition to that, Adam did a backstage Interview and when asked who inspired him, he said "As a performer and musician I did a show with a group of friends called The Zodiac Show". He continues to say, "The freedom of expression and the joy we all share influences me a lot" and "Even on American Idol, when choosing songs , they were songs I was made aware of and fell in love with because of The Zodiac Show". He continues with "that group of performers have always had my back."

That's right home skillet...we got your back and will continue with the back gettin'. Go Adam! Thanks for the Zodiac love and get your Oprah on!

Click to see Adam's interview backstage at Oprah.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Zodiac's Scarlett Cherry launches!

That's right...It's been a long time comin'. The launch of! There's all sorts of fresh content up there so stop by and check it out! Also follow her on Twitter for the newest updates!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Adam Rocked the Gridlocked NYE 2010!!!

2010 is a brand new decade and who better for the Zodiac crew to ring it in, then with fellow superstar Zodiacer Adam Lambert at Paramount's
Gridlocked show. Adam and his band killed it. He was kickin' it old school in the sense of he performed like no one was watching. The sound was great, he and his band looked fantastic and it was a fabulous vibe all the way around. We are so proud of him, Monte and the rest of his band. Zodiac's Lee and Scarlett Cherry, Allan Louis, Charlie Brumbly, were there with bells on. Go Adam!

Here's a link to The LA Times review.

Zodiac's MamaZun's Poetry book available on!

Photo by Aaron Settipane

Having just rocked the stage with Loretta Devine and TC Carson, Cheray O'Neal a.k.a mamazun is happy to debut her highly anticipated poetry book A Taste of Sour Honey available now on !

In addition to being an O.G Zodiacer, Cheray was the featured guest artist for the 2009 NAACP Image Awards Nominee luncheon, writer/performer of the theme song for Showtime's docudrama hit 'The O Tapes', writer/poet of Strick Muzik's album 'In this Day' produced by Mr. Ravi Coltrane, featured poet on the 100.3 The Beat, the voice of Indigo, a hip hop poet doll, writer/performer of underground house single Flow on both Seasons Recordings as well as The SupperClub Lounge 5 in Amsterdam, and hosted her own poetry show on K.P.F.K. 90.7 FM. In 2010 be on the lookout for A Taste Of Sour Honey to be followed up by the second book Love Of The Lick and a spoken word collaborative album with fellow Zodiacers, Cha'n Andre and Michelle Mai. She will also be a featured guest artist on out of indianapolis, where her song "In this day" and "Stay with me" will be on constant rotation. Cheray O'Neal is also very involved in global youth empowerment/creative healing and has had the honor of traveling to Bolivia with Operation Smile as well as teaching creative writing/performance poetry in the townships of South Africa. 2010 promises to be an abundant year for this vocal vibrating talent.
Check for a glimpse of her solo album Journey This.
Below is a video if Cheray's most recent Zodiac performance, Intention: