Saturday, January 2, 2010

Adam Rocked the Gridlocked NYE 2010!!!

2010 is a brand new decade and who better for the Zodiac crew to ring it in, then with fellow superstar Zodiacer Adam Lambert at Paramount's
Gridlocked show. Adam and his band killed it. He was kickin' it old school in the sense of he performed like no one was watching. The sound was great, he and his band looked fantastic and it was a fabulous vibe all the way around. We are so proud of him, Monte and the rest of his band. Zodiac's Lee and Scarlett Cherry, Allan Louis, Charlie Brumbly, were there with bells on. Go Adam!

Here's a link to The LA Times review.


  1. It was such an AMAZING NIGHT! Adam hooked us up big time. Now im kinda bummed i didnt get to see you guys there. It was definitely a Zodiac Night! Love you guys and I hope (and see) many positive and big things happen this year for you and Zodiac.

    See you guys soon and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    Fellow Zodiac NOEL BAJANDAS

  2. I love that you love him and he has such good friends. I was at the show - behind the rail in the cheap seats :-) and it was freakin amazing. The boy is on fire and we are looking forward to world domination