Thursday, December 3, 2009

Zodiacer, Monte Pittman's solo album debut on CD BABY

By Lee Cherry

Monte Pittman is a Zodiacer from way back. We originally met him in the Freedom Party days when he was Madonna and Prong's guitarist. He joined Zodiac in the The Key Club days and continued on through to The Henry Fonda Shows in 2005. That's where he first worked with the now infamous Adam Lambert. They continued to work together on many projects since then, including their own band, The Citizen Vein, and now Monte's the lead guitarist in Adam's chart-topping new band and is having a great time. Monte has recently released a solo acoustic album called "The Deepest Dark" and we encourage everyone to pick up a copy! It has a haunting, epic feel that conjures up memories of Syd Barret, Blue Oyster Cult and Pink Floyd in the "Animals" Era. Go Monte!!

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